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tv   Headline News  RT  July 8, 2014 3:00am-3:30am EDT

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antigovernment fighters in ukraine film a military assault against them one of a series of similar strides for control of a critical border point. the new ones chief confirms deadly sarin gas was inside two cylinders found reportedly in rebel held areas in syria the substance has been blamed for killing hundreds in the civil war. and france are to strip the u.s. dollar of its privileged status of a dominant currency following in the footsteps of those who have already shifted away from america's financial supremacy.
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a very warm welcome to you if you've just joined us here on our to international live from moscow are you with me to say a video of an intense skirmish between ukraine's a national guard and the anti government fighters has been posted on the internet reportedly filmed at a contest a border checkpoint. in . july but i think at the mine she.
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usually. but do not near the. beginning is going to. be as good a ride and this is what the checkpoint looks like off and you can see the place is empty and according to conversation heard in the video the lying area is heavy with snipers. not fall way the deadly bombardment of new gone so i do crane second largest city in the east has put the metropolis on a war footing and raid sirens and bled constantly to want citizens of imminent attacks. this video appears to show the city coming under rocket fire hearing to rule out any intention by the authorities of what targeted strikes. suka reports
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plans for national in one of those cities. we hear sounds of a tilley every day many times a day and we can also say that well both sides claim that they are not targeting and they will not target residential areas we can say that it often happens this is where me and my cameraman now we have to work in flak jackets although we are in the city center just on monday a shell landed not far from where we are now just looks away from the city center heaton a car and reportedly the driver of this car who was killed at the scene the operation leadership in kiev also claims that heavy to read adhesion will not be used in attacks on big cities such as the gun internet which we can say that we hear airplanes over flying this area almost every day again and right eye witnesses say that they are behind last week attacks on two tiny villages twenty five kilometers north of the guns pointed at least seven civilians were killed including
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a five year old boy. sure. as we move. on or you in the room will illuminate you through. the arm militia also claims that the cities of donetsk and lugansk will soon be besieged so that the anti-government forces accumulate in inside will be sealed no chances to get any support from anywhere outside this is why local forces are currently on high alert forced to find their checkpoints and we also hear that several bridges in the area were damaged which could be their attempt to stop the ukrainian troops. right last week has seen government forces take back control of several cities so then gears military has reportedly begun a full blown purge arresting local police and young men on mass
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a video has also emerged of a radical right ukrainian deputy threatening a bound elderly man created your own. natural gas. all over the world so i think he was. right. a local resident told us how it feels to remain in slavyansk and now the city's been taken by government forces but. they go from street to street from floor to flat and it's all about arrests the rest of the entire police force and drove all the personnel to god knows where we have no idea what's happening to them people who are supposedly supporting the
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anti-government movement are missing they don't answer the phone and no one knows what's going on with them you'd be putting your life in danger if you try to find that out. the images of destruction and suffering there are in shaking washington the state department has again voices total back in full kiev days after a deadly but reportedly accidental bombing of a village in eastern ukraine our correspondent that education was at the latest state department briefing. you know we see all these horrible shots from villages towns that were shelled by the ukrainian air force and you hear the state department defended the strike saying all those killings are the russian separatists fault basically the shots that we saw from the village of conventional collapse we could leave one speechless twelve civilians were killed including a five year old this however did not generate any strong feelings at the u.s. state department these are just that's the reason why are these pictures these are shots of civilians blown to pieces in their homes in their backyards in the village
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in eastern ukraine last week well what does the u.s. do to stop you from doing it and they're going to make sure to be in to be clear on the ground the reports that we've seen and the vast majority of people who are reporting from the ground report that the russian backed separatists are the ones who are not only in gauged in in violence and efforts to take over buildings and attack people and innocent civilians they have no place doing that in a country that's a sovereign country like ukraine the ukrainian security service itself says the shelling of kandahar could have been a pilot's mistake but the u.s. state department is staunchly defending king of no matter what mistakes the government of ukraine is defending the country if ukraine and i think they have every right to do that as does the international community and these people have the right to live. well i think the people of ukraine have the right to live in
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peace and security without russian backed separatists attacking their homes and going into buildings and i think that's where the root cause of this is and we shouldn't we shouldn't forget that fact but last week another state department spokesperson doubted the sources of a u.n. report that talks about a sharp increase in the number of people fleeing ukraine into russia a spokesperson suggested maybe they're going to russia to visit their grandmothers even though there are so many reports of. the horrors that people said about why they really flee from eastern ukraine i asked about this today jen psaki tried it more cautiously on this than her colleague last week but the general impression is that the u.s. department is trying to downplay the humanitarian crisis in the east of ukraine. however it is running a live update section on new train with all the latest as it comes in but there's also plenty of all day for you including a look at who's to blame for the crisis in the east and why.
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the u.n. secretary general has confirmed that in syria two cylinders seized by government troops reportedly in a rebel held area contains of the deadly sarin gas. has more. the united nations secretary-general ban ki moon has indicated that two cylinders that were reportedly found by syrian government troops in an area that was controlled by opposition fighters had inside the deadly sarin gas now the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons as well as the united nations have jointly been overseeing syria's destruction of its chemical weapons program they analyzed the contents of the cylinders and confirmed that it was indeed seven gas at the same time it's not clear when the senators were handed over by the damascus regime in a statement issued it did confirm and i'm quoting here that it had found abandoned
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chemical weapons that did not belong to it at the same time it's also not yet clear whether the cylinders and indeed the contents have in fact been destroyed now so he agreed to have its entire chemical weapons stockpile destroyed this was after a deal was hammered out by russia and the united states after hundreds of syrians were killed in a gas attack in a suburb in damascus and in that attack the deadly sarin gas was used on june the twenty third the last part of the transfer of chemical weapons out of syria took place so that phase of the transfer of weapons has now been completed. the blame game over who carried out the chemical assault has been the focus of heated debate for many months but there are possible from the massachusetts institute of technology believes the rebels are couldn't produce deadly gas without any outside help. well it is speculation certainly. there
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have been reports here in the west that there was some of the hottest sunni jihadist elements had been given help from the turkish government and mixing sarah you would be a precursor chemicals. to to mix the sahara once you have the precursor chemicals. i would say it's easy but it's not completely out of the possibility that they could do that so they got help from somebody and perhaps the most likely source would be the turks. the rampage of extremists in iraq isn't limited to brutal force coming up on the program we'll report on how the terrorists to use the whole also lost t.v. tools from p.r. to whistle blowing on the government as part of the bid to lead this slum a caliphate to success. also coming up washington keeps trying billions
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patients as reports suggest the cia recruited a german intelligence agent to spy for america. the french finance minister is aiming to break the dominance of the u.s. dollar after urging the use of a variety of currencies full global payments this comes after america slept a nine billion dollar fine on b.n.p. pair of us banks for helping countries avoid sanctions investment broker and financial commentator peter schiff says the u.s. currency is far from the perfect global currency of choice i think the united states is very dependent on the rest of the world it's just incumbent on the rest of the world to figure that out but the u.s. dollar is still functioning as a reserve currency and so the dollar is a part of a lot of transactions but there really is no reason for the dollar to be at the center of these transactions because the dollar shouldn't be the reserve currency of the united states doesn't share any of the characteristics that it had when the
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dollar became the reserve currency it's just a matter of time before it no longer functions as a reserve currency and i think the more we tag advise the rest of the world with the spying or with these huge fines on foreign banks the quicker that process is going to be to unravel. the latest target of the u.s. punitive financial machine is germany's second largest bank a commerce bank of america is accusing the institution of also violating the sanction regime and now it faces a fine of with these five hundred million dollars americans retaliatory measures like this for states to seek ways to break the power of the dollar dominance it's no easy task at all as the currency is used in some eighty five percent of global exchange deals but some countries are found ways to shift away from the dollar and the biggest example of that is of course the euro zone eighteen countries some of which are monk the world's economic powerhouses are making transactions with each
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other completely avoiding the dollar lost it china signed a massive currency swap agreement with the e.u. which allows the country to exclude the dollar from the equation when doing business with the block and on monday the brics countries have also degraded to form their bank as a counterweight to the i.m.f. share of the rouge group or think tank robert oulds of things the us often resource to force to make others use the dollar. the united states does the fame the with of course it's for military force that's been seen on a number of occasions where countries that have been arguing that they should move away from using that then found themselves subject to the united states' sanctions and of course even in some cases military force overdue there is a great deal of concern about not just the why america vaughn's its economy its enormous deficit which is now reaches seventeen trillion dollars
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a day but of course the way that american foreign policy is very active around the world which some people do not want. coming up for you know it's on our team is that one sell a if one side is not enough for you that listen that you can buy an entire kind of result and it's in the now and for a very good price we'll tell you all the details later in the program. and all the traditions in the u.k. are being revived by new comments that's all coming up for you shortly. this is what we do we kill people and break things. we can see something as simple as people playing soccer you can see individual players and you can see the ball.
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you can almost see is facial expression to see his mouth open crying. maybe cursed. or maybe he asked. for forgiveness for. there must be near certainty that no civilians will be killed or injured. the media lead us so we leave the media. on the scene pushes you to the other your party is in. their shoes that no one is asking with the guess that you deserve answers from. politics.
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or news analysis this is r.t. international radicals from a terror group formerly known as isis zion full throttle setting up the islamic caliphate to that they found a week ago on territory's captured in iraq and syria and they will staggering thing here is that the liking speed of their progress they now have all of the attributes of a fully functional state including passports and oil based economy and even a banking sector is going up what now brings us more on this. in a very short amount of time the extremist group controlling parts of iraq and syria has taken rapid steps to turn their self declared islamic caliphate into a bonafide state according to reports the militant group best known as isis is ready to begin issuing official passports to citizens in must rule iraq's second largest city as well as making our broad religious call to arms isis is also allegedly recruiting judges doctors engineers and those who have military and
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managerial skills the work force that isis is attempting to build will need to be paid of course not a huge problem for the sunni extremists who are virtually in control of iraq's largest oil refinery according to reports isis has already tried raising revenue through oil sales and lots of money's been spent on image building as well the militants have been releasing annual glossy assessment reports outlining statistics related to things like assassinations suicide missions bombings and geographic expansion the organized p.r. move aims to lure more investors and fighters it's a level of organization unprecedented for islamised militants in the region and while isis already claims to have an army of more than fifteen thousand loyalists the hottest group is reportedly recruiting and kidnapping children as young as ten years old to fight for the islamic state in addition to educating employing
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recruiting policing and campaigning isis is also confronting the downfalls of governing a state dealing with your very own whistleblower according to vice news the extremist group has somebody working on the inside reportedly revealing classified information such as the identity of leaders and all of these factors combined paint a troubling picture of a threat hardly anyone anticipated. r.t. new york. let's take a look at what we have on line for you the first bus on an illegal big point range is made any you are a police in france have tainted suspect raids in southern france and seized hundreds of clients find out why on our dot com. and from earth to space really quickly google smartphones with vision and sensing to
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control robots on the international space station all the details on this high tech story are available now online. a contradiction to the trust between partners that's how and angela merkel has described to germany u.s. relations if the latest spying allegations prove to be true that thirty one year old man is under arrest in germany on suspicion for double spying the case is now under investigation with the country's intelligence officers claiming the cia reportedly managed to recruit the intelligence officer they say all the evidence suggests it's been working for the u.s. but to us this latest scandal comes just months after the n.s.a. was called red handed spying on the german chancellor's mobile phone experts say america's close allies are fed up with such a friendship goes a glowing growing level of instant insecurity among among the leading officials in the united states they don't seem to really trust their allies they seem to suspect
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that there may be discontent and the reality years with with so many of the leaks that we've recently seen so many countries that have historically worked with the united states are starting to wake up and say wait what are we getting out of this relationship it should be a strong reaction and the other hand i mean this is politics and i mean like. scuse me is it this is just the price that that u.s. agents are. saw you know it's not a surprise. anti italian alpine village is being sold on e bay it's located in the northern end in riyadh region near a national park and in both fourteen loss was scenic views the prize a bargain despite the need for innovation you're asking price for the entire village is two hundred forty five thousand euro so this might be a great amount for some local analyst paolo reform who believes such deals are the result of the european economic crisis this is not the first case in italy actually of villages which are being sold but this is the first time actually that people
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leave in those houses and they decide to quit the planes selling everything and try to change lives evidently it doesn't mean that it's easy economic situation for them to see also suffer in france suffers of similar situations where the number of customs for sale is incredibly high and they're relatively cheap agriculture has been subsidized but finally. the wind is not allowing these people to really make their living out of it so with the cutting in the in the budgets this is reflected in the less than less infrastructures this is. in perspective for these people the only thing to do is to sell and run away when it turns out these days the real estate market can throw up a lot of surprises a snapping up there's a brick building in manhattan will set you back fifteen million dollars just
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compare it with this fifteenth century castle in ireland they can be yours for less than a million of the emerald isle and certainly have something more lavish to offer at a fraction of the price than in new york as if you prefer something more to the south all kinds of castles up for grabs this is a selection of as of from belgium france and italy once again all on sale for far less than fifteen million price tag. two more international news in brief now israel has launched more strikes on the hamas controlled gaza strip in seventeen palestinians according to early reports it's part of a new operation protective officials say it's a response to more than a few rockets being fired across the border israel called up one thousand five hundred reza wrists in preparation for the offensive at least one palestinian militants have lost their lives as a result of earlier is really air raids on gaza the spike in violence has
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intensified in the past two weeks after three kidnapped israeli teenagers were founded. a suicide attack in eastern afghanistan has killed at least six nato soldiers and two policemen and the taliban has claimed responsibility for the blast which came a day after the independent election committee announced asad afghani had won the presidential runoff his rival has branded the preliminary results a coup against the people saying it says the country other dangerous course of ethnic conflict afghanistan is already highly divided along tribal lines and it's feared any political aggravation could lead to a bloody stand. when immigrants settle in a different country they often bring along with their customs and cultures but in the u.k. recent demographic changes have been as much a fact of the country in terms of new traditions but rather in bringing back old ones for us reports. if young
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british people are in church these days well it could be because they live in one attendance of actual anglican services has long been in decline we're just leaders looking to come up with any number of them pull plans to get worship is in but there is one small crumb of comfort for them and the latest figures thanks to a changing demographics the fall in popularity is at the very least slowing because of the increase in the number of black were drawn to churches the increase in the rate of immigration and the increase in the number of a new type of church called fresh expressions because of those increases the rate of decline of attendance and membership in the church as a whole has slowed down considerably going to grant it is.
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about it's not becoming a huge. but it is simply not going to quite as fast as it was before. here in the heart of london this polish service packs in hundreds every sunday father adam says church is like a three way people to keep in touch with their own communities and worship in that and language i celebrate every sunday and especially for polish citizens bank of course in the. coming call sold to citizens for understand. some of our people sometimes here crying from different countries. that promise languages and. it's the number of. still growing. while the british may be losing. that religion as some might say economists to the
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country actually paying the way and i just the bounce. i see the closing. up next on our nine hundred international controversial u.s. drone attacks are again in the spotlight this is our team and. when people talk about human rights violations is involve some pro western protesters getting beaten up and responsible mainstream media is usually to bomb somebody somewhere so good thing they haven't picked up a story from detroit that the u.n. is calling a human rights violation residents of the motor city or well sadly the former motor city who are hundred fifty dollars or more behind in their water bills are getting their water shut off completely the water and sewage department is five billion dollars in debt and that is
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a justification to crack down on deadbeats on the surface the seems like an open and shut case of course everyone has the right to water especially detroit which is near huge bodies of fresh water that other cities can only dream of but on the other hand if the poor don't pay for water then us taxpayers will be paying for it for them and that's not fair i think this is not so much a case of a right to water but a right to disemployment and a crapshoot for the city government back when people detroit had good salaries and a government that wasn't flagrantly corrupt they would have any problems paying for their water bills but that's just my opinion. talking about language is what i react to situations i have read the reports. puts the no i will be next mistake to comment on your latter point. secure yet a car is on the docket no. thank you. no more weasel words.
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when you need a direct question he prepared for a change when you have to. be ready for a. freedom of speech. and the freedom to. think. they were presumably using this notion that any may old. age roughly between forty and sixty who is killed is automatically counted as a combatant. in the body count as a metric was. did not really give you a measure of how successful you were being in fact it led you astray.


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